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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Down to the wire

Take some time and vote in my poll to the right hand side. Who does everyone think will win the World Series? I know it seems a little early now, especially when the final playoff spots are still up for grabs, but it is always fun to claim your team early! Obviously, I will always think the Yankees will make it every year and win the championship, but even an owner who "buys a team", as Eric so nicely puts it, does not win every year. Speaking of buying championships, did the Boston Red Sox not buy their championship team last year?
In response to Eric's post, David Ortiz is a definite contender for the MVP. He is a power hitter, and can come through in the clutch. I would haved loved to have seen a game.I did get invited to Baltimore with our friend Jake Fox, but school work got in the way :( Jackie, I would love to go to NY if the team wins! When did you go to the parade?

As I do not have the luxury of the YES Network ( a Yankees owned television network available in certain New Jersey and New York areas) to watch the Yankees game tonight, I am watching on the Yankees Website , and as of the bottom of the 4th , they are losing 1-0. Sean Chacon is pitching against Daniel Cabrera. This is not good, as there are only 5 games left and three teams, the Yankees, Rex Sox, and Indians, are all vying for a playoff spot. The Yankees and Boston are tied as of today for the first place in the AL East, and the winner will go to the playoffs, and for the AL Wildcard, all three teams have the exact same record. Whoever begins to lose games will most likely be out of the playoffs. Every game is a must win situation at this point. Tonight's game is especially important for the Yankees as they were delieverd a huge loss yesterday, and the Red Sox won. Hopefully the second half of the game the Yankees can come back and win the game. A-rod should show why he should be the MVP winner!

Monday, September 26, 2005

These pictures are for my dear friend Jo (and to spruce up my blog!) My pictures finally uploaded so now you get all the pictures of Alex Rodriguez (my vote for the team's MVP) that you can handle! Hope everyone enjoys them. If anyone has any other requests for picutures, let me know!
As I said in my previous post, the Yanks start a four game road series against Baltimore, and then this weekend finishes their regular season against Boston. Go New York!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Success! The image-uploading device finally works again for me! To the left is a picture of Yankees Stadium in the Bronx, NY. I just tried putting some A-Rod pictures in as well, and now the pictures are not uploading again. Does anyone know why this is happening? To answer my posts, yes Jo I do hope the Yankees make the playoffs this year! It is going to be a tight race right up until the finish. I have a strange feeling that whoever comes in second place in the A.L. East will not make the playoffs, because of the Indians record. I will put up more pictures when it works again. It worked for a second to get the stadium one up. But the Yanks not making the playoffs would be like not having a Christmas, ha. It is unfortunate that they have to end their season in Boston when the series will be so important.
For pinstripes, I do not think Mariano should be the MVP! He has blown too many games this year for him to have that honor. Will he make it to the Hall of Fame, and is he a high quailty picther, yes of course, but starting with the ALCS of last season and some big games (especially with Boston), he has blown important games. I guess I sort of blame him for blowing the series last year, when he blew the save that allowed Boston to win their first game of the series, which gave the momentum to continue winning. I believe Alex Rodriguez should be the MVP, as his hitting has been superb lately and he has really helped the Yankees. This week will be a big test for the Yanks, and the more W's they can get before going into Boston, the better. We will both be cheerign loudly for our Yanks! Is it not weird that the Yanks are going to play Bmore again this week, when they just played them the previous week? I am also glad that Johnson is still playing and doing well. We need him going into the stretch!Who knows what will happen to their entire pitching staff after this season, I think they still need to make a few changes to return to their once domination over teams. This week will be exciting either way!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Vote for Mariano!
Here is where you can vote for Mariano Rivera for the MLB Delivery Man of the year award, for the best relief pitcher of the season. I know I did!

Get your brooms out!

Today ( September 22), the Yankees capped off their sweep of Baltimore with a 7-6 victory. Also big news from the Stadium is that the Yanks are in FIRST PLACE! That is right! Yesterday (September 21), the Yankees had beaten the O's, and Boston had lost in Tampa Bay to the Devil Rays. This put the Yanks one half game up in the division. Tonight, the Yankees finished their sweep of Baltimore and Boston had off, making the Yanks one full game above the Red Sox for the division lead. This is great news for the Yankees, as I have mentioned before that every game counts for them. Mike Mussina (a pitcher nicknamed the Moose) also returned to the starting lineup for the Yanks after an injury.

I would post some more pictures, but the feature is not working as I had hoped as of yet. I will keep you updated on the Yankees status in the playoffs! Go NY!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Race to the Playoffs

During the late days of September and early October is when the majority of televisoin viewers tune into Major League Baseball. This is when each game counts, and wildcard teams are fighting for their place in the post-season.
The Yankees are right in the thick of things, in an unusual spot in second place in the American League East behind the Boston Red Sox by one and one half game, and are one and half game behind the Indians for the AL Wildcard spot. This means that every game is almost a must-win situation for the Yankees, as if they conclude their regular season one half game behind Boston or Cleveland, their season will be over.
The next upcomming game is tonight against the Baltimore Orioles at the Stadium, at 7:05 p.m. Chien-Ming Wang of the Yankees is pitching against Erik Bedard of Baltimore. This is personally exciting for me, as I have seen Wang pitch at the Trenton Thunder, where I previoulsy interned and worked the past two summers (I discuss this in my first blog). I have always enjoyed seeing the minor league players I watched make it to the big leagues!
One interesting Yankees' story to update my readers on is the Randy Johnson ejection from this past Friday's game. Johnson is the Yanks' star pitcher, and a future Hall of Famer. He was tossed due to arguing balls and strikes with home plate umpire Fieldin Culbreth in the top of the second inning. This was a disadvantage for New York, as they need their best pitcher at this crucial time to throw strikes and get a win. Johnson later admitted he was wrong in arguing with the umpire.
To address my comments from the previous post, I am glad that Jackie enjoyed her first major league baseball game! However, you wrote in your post that you were at Shea Stadium, is that because the Yankees were playing the Mets? The Yankees play at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, where you said you took the subway to, and their cross-town rivals, the New York Mets, play at Shea Stadium in Queens. Which on were you at? Bernie Williams is a good player; he is getting old however and his future is uncertain at this point. To pinstripes2, I enjoy having a fellow Yankee fan in the area! We are in Philadelphia country, meaning most people do not like New York sports teams, especially the Yankees. I do have faith like you that they will make the playoffs, and I become angry when people say they are out of it. There are a few good days of baseball left to play, and the race is so tight that it is up for anyone to take right now.
Thank you to everyone for their comments, and I look forward to the game tonight!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Here are some pictures to put some names to faces! Alex Rodriguez is on the left, who plays third base for the Yankees and is presently one of their leading hitters. Derek Jeter ( my favorite player) is in the center, who plays shortstop. Joe Torre, the yankees coach, is on the right hand side. These men are some of the greatest assests the team has !

Monday, September 12, 2005


As much as I enjoy the New York Yankees, this blog is for educational purposes for my Business Administration class at the University of Delaware. This class is BUAD 477, Information Technology Applications in Marketing. We were instructed to pick a theme that we are passionate about, and create an account on blogger to post our weekly thoughts. Each member of my class has a different theme and corresponding blog. To see their blogs and to view my class blog, please click here. I chose my theme to be the New York Yankees, as they are one of my favorite spots teams!
The New York Yankees won an important series this past weekend, beating their ultimate rival Boston Red Sox two games to three.
As a short recap of the series, on Friday 9/9, Aaron Small defeated David Wells (who used to pitch for New York) in the pitching duel and Alex Rodriguez forty first home run helped the Yanks to an 8-4 victory. However, on Saturday 9/10, Sean Chacon gave up several home runs to allow Boston an early 8-0 lead, which the Yankees never recovered from. Curt Schilling also had his best pitching outing in recent times, which aided the Sox.
Sunday's game, on the fourth anniversary of 9/11, was the rubber match game in the Bronx. How could the Yankees not have felt the emotion and strength to win this won for the people of New York City on this day? Randy Johnson proved why he is one of the best pitchers in baseball today with eight strike outs and only two walks. It was all the support Jason Giambi, who has been playing 110% better in late August and thus far , to hit a home run and give the Yankees a 1-0 win. However, Mariano Rivera, New York's future Hall of Famer closer, still looked shaky to me. He put Manny Ramirez on base with a walk and Kevin Millar on first with a single, and a hit by pinch-hitter John Olerud could have meant another loss for the Yanks. Thankfully, Rivera came into his old form and struck him out, leaving the two base runners stranded, and preserved the Yanks' win.
Every win for the remainder of the season (twenty games as of September 12th) is an important, and almost crucial one for New York. They are in the playoff hunt (yes, they are NOT out of it yet) with the Cleveland Indians and the Oakland Athletics, presently being one game and a half behind the Indians for the American League wild card spot. Now, they only remain three games behind Boston for the Eastern Division of the American League title.
The Bronx Bombers (a common Yankee nickname) are off tonight, the 12th, and return to action in Tampa Bay tomorrow, Tuesday, at 7:15. This is another crucial series for New York, as they always seem to lose series' to the worst team in their division. If they could come away with a sweep, or at least win the series, this will dramatically help their wildcard chances ( and we are hoping that Oakland and Cleveland can lose a few here and there as well! )
In other notable New York news, several Yankee players have been nominated for honors recently. Jorge Posada, catcher, has been nominated for the Roberto Clemente award, given to the player who"best exemplifies the game of baseball, sportsmanship, community involvement and the individual's contribution to his team", according to This is an excellent example of how some players' use their fame and fortune for the good of the community. Derek Jeter is a finalist for the Marvin Miller Man of the Year award, given to the player in each division whose on-field performance and community contributions inspire others. Jason Giambi, the first baseman, is nominated for the Comeback Player of the year, after starting the season off at less than average, and slowly has been regaining his bat power and confidence to give the Yanks a major lift when they need it. I will keep you guys posted as to whether or not any of these men win their respective awards!

Go New York!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Yankees Website-check it out!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Why the Yankees?

For my Blog this semester, I will be focusing on the New York Yankees Baseball team. As a forewarning, if you are from the Boston area or hate the Yankees, you will probably disagree with and dislike my blog. With that said, I wanted to go into my Yankees' experience and background information about the team.

The yankees are one of the most storied and oldest baseball orgainizations to date. They have won more championships than any other Major League team (with twenty six World Series championships to date), and have one of the most loyal and largest fan bases in the world. They play their home games at Yankee Stadium, located in the Bronx, New York. They play in the Eastern Division of the American League.

My grandfather was a Yankees fan, who passed it onto my father and his brothers, who in turn passed their views to my younger brother and I. I believe that sometimes, you're born into what team you will learn to love and root for. I love going into the city and taking in a game at the Stadium ( a nickname for Yankee Stadium). There is so much history invovled in the stadium; especially with Monument Park, where the Yankees' greatest players are honored.

Also, last summer, I interned with the Yankees' farm team ( the AA affiliate) the Trenton Thunder, and this past summer (and now into their playoffs) I continue to work in Merchandising for them. I get to watch the future Yankee stars in their minor league careers. I have seen players such as Kevin Thompson, Sean Henn, and Melky Cabrera play at Trenton, and all have played with the Yankees this season. Last summer, I met Kevin Brown, Kenny Lofton, and Brian Cashman (the General Manager) who all made a stop in Trenton. The players had to rehab their injuries, and were sent down to do just that. Mr. Cashman arrived to check on Kevin Brown.

I hope you enjoy my blog, whether you are a Yankees fan or not. I'll try to make it interesting, informative, and not too biased!

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